Arrrrrrghhh… Not even sure where to begin this particular post but I’m just going to start it anyway. I’m so pissed, angry and frustrated with Nigerians. Thou shall not steal isn’t it written in both Quran and bible? Even if you are an atheist I’m sure it’s part of your moral conduct not to steal, simply put don’t take what doesn’t belong to you. Just not fair! Why I’m I going on and on about stealing? My phone was stolen 😦  remember all I had to go through to get that phone? (read here) and the viola! some silly bus stop pickpocket took it from my bag.

I don’t blame people when they lynch and give these miscreants jungle justice (not that I support it, but I’m deeply pained). I mean, money is not easy to come by these days and you come to steal from those who are constantly hustling to get some. How do you expect us to feel at the end of the day huh? Tried to retrieve my sim and it was impossible because my brother did the registration, so you see I not only lost my phone, I lost my number too (been using the same number for close to 8yrs).

MTN tho, that FG & NCC fine really got to them, so many rules & regulations before you can do a retrieval or registration. Had to go with an ID, thumb print and picture is not enough anymore. I got another phone and a new number, so the joke is on you Mr. Thief, you took my sorrow and shame along with it not to forget my stalkers, so congrats on your achievement.

To something less depressing, I have finally given up on my hunt for Jay (if you don’t know who Jay is hmmm; read here). I’ve not even decided if that’s good news or bad but I need to stop obsessing over him. Really, I feel like I’ve blocked everyone out for someone that barely knows I exist and trust me the pressure to get married or least bring a boyfriend home is not going down at all, for anything it’s worse than before, plus I really don’t want to end up alone (not that I’m scared or anything).

Lesson learned from this love-struck adventure of mine; Life is complicated. Don’t try to simplify it because the harder you try, the more tangled it becomes and if you not careful you become a part of the mess and you can’t find your way back. You could want someone, and that person wants another, while another is fasting and praying to have you. See I’m not trying to be a life coach here, but it’s a very complicated world.

I’ve decided to move on with my life, with an open mind and less comparison (I compare everyone to Jay before I even consider giving you my number). If Jay comes along all well and good and if not then that’s fine; something better is probably waiting for me out there. Let the manhunt continue! Before I forget Happy Lenten season (Yes, I’m Catholic and proud).