Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve learned a lot. I mean, a whole lot more than I prepared for. First of it is to never finish spending your December salary in December. I must say, this January has been tough but thank God I’ve been coping. That’s what savings are for right…a rainy day; well it’s being raining all January and I’m soaking wet lol.

Secondly, I learned to keep my gadget safe, away from kids and from falling all the time. Had to shell out N60K for a new phone as if that wasn’t bad enough it was a fake! Had to shell out another N38K get the original that’s almost 100K gone unbudgeted. Computer Village is the worse place to be in if you’re not a scam artist yourself.

Thirdly, the term “frienemy” (a friend who is more or less an enemy) should be added to the dictionary officially, because they exist. No jokes here, my friend actually invited me to her birthday party, and she had invited my ex which she helped cheat on me to the same party. She didn’t even think to tell me before hand so I could prepare, thank God I was looking glam (hair, dress, and makeup on fleek). In her defense, she said and I quote “I just wanted all my friends in one place”. Since she has a problem drawing the line between friends and friend’s ex I’ve cut her off finally 😐

Last but definitely not the least, it is easier to give advice to someone when they are in a situation than to take your own advice (I’m thinking of Rae Sremmurd – No Type) when you find yourself in that same situation. Well, if you’ve been following my blog this is a sequel to “Falling in love with Mr. Wrong” if you haven’t then you should catch up here.

Some time after writing that blog post, I woke up like every normal day and two amazing things happened in a space of 2 hours or less. First, my brother gave me the most amazing news ever, honestly I’m still gushing about it (wish I could share it with the world) but some things are better left unsaid. Secondly, I usually turn off my data before I sleep (one IM tone can wake me up and may have trouble sleeping back). When my brother told me he’s been sending me messages and I should check so I turned it on earlier than usual (usually around 8) so my bro’s messages came in with a couple of others, didn’t check them until later.

On my way to work decided to reply other messages and guess whose message was sitting there waiting…Mr. Wrong!!! He said I’ve forgotten about him…hello! you are all I’ve been thinking about in the last few months or year. I thought there was like a thought carrier messenger that tells you when someone is thinking about you a lot. He probably didn’t get the memo. He said he wanted to see me and believe me, I was beyond ecstatic but that he is not town so that means I have to wait till he gets back.

Well, it’s been over a month and I haven’t heard from him and tbh it’s stressing me out. I’ve heard so many things like stop thinking about him, stop talking about him, call him, text him, delete his number, someone even suggested I send a BC. 😀 I know someone in a similar situation and I encouraged her to call, visit and even profess her love for him, she did and nothing really changed between them. Apparently, it was easier for me to encourage her to do all that than for me to send the simplest thing which is a BC.

Tough December you may say and funny way to start a new year. I’m optimistic though and I hope I grow the nerve to reach out or the patience to wait for him. What do you think, should I reach out or not?