Insecurity is “uncertainty or anxiety about yourself or simply put the lack of confidence.” I can only speak for myself not everyone else, but this is a battle I am constantly fighting. Sometimes I’m so insecure that I start to second guess the things I know I’m doing right; this blog inclusive.

It’s a crazy world, the standards are getting higher and higher by the day and it’s almost impossible to catch up. Quick story, I did a professional course late last year, I was the youngest and the best in my class. This did not only make me feel good, it also made me feel like I was making headway in life like I was accomplishing a great feat. I did the exams and the result was great as everyone expected (I’m no brainy, I just got lucky…lol).

This feeling lasted for just a while, I mean less than 24 hours because I went to my Linkedin to announce my milestone and guess what? In a pool of professionals, it was nothing. My heart sank. I felt absolutely invisible! I was crushed. Although a couple of people said congrats but it felt like nothing.

I not only saw my mates who have achieved way more and were close to execs, I saw people who are way younger that had achieved things I could only dream of. On top of all that they were fine, great bodies, clear skin, makeup on fleek (beauty with brains) it just feels like they have the right formula for life. So, solving equations is as simple as ABC while, I can’t even figure out what to wear to work.

This is not to say I’m like that all the time, my friends look at me and wish they had my brains, or my body or my personality (those are the good days), but the truth is I feel like it’s a facade and they are not seeing the right things. I’ve had someone tell me I motivate her before, but how do I do that when I’m not even sure I motivate myself.

There is always light at the end of a tunnel right? At least that’s what they say. I strongly believe I’m going to get the formula (I promise to share when I do) and everything will fall in place i.e my career, my body and everything else…lol

One way to conquer insecurity is to STOP COMPARING! If I didn’t start comparing myself with my peers, I’ll probably still feel good about my DMI certification, personality, weight, skin type, how far I’ve come in life, my achievements and so on.

If you are going through these things too, stay strong in there. Some people have it worse than you do, trust me and also, I think miracles (true miracles) still happen.

You can share your insecurity journey with me, I’ll publish anonymously, you might be helping me or someone else. You can also drop your comments and thoughts.