Growing up was fun for me and my siblings, I mean we were not rich but we were not poor either and we were surrounded by neighbors, friends and church members. My mom is quite a fashionista so she bought the right clothes (age appropriate) for me and that made me stand out amongst my peers in the neighborhood coupled with the fact that I have a really sharp mouth.
This also made me a favorite amongst the uncles and aunts. (one even used to be my dance instructor, so I pretty much beat everyone when it’s time for birthday parties) By uncles, I don’t mean my mom or dad’s brother just those people that are way older than you in the area and you are forced to call them uncle or aunty. You are to greet them properly and run errands if necessary. I had a lot of them around me growing up.
I moved out of the area before my teenage years were over but before then some of them started trying to give me preferential treatments and buy me stuff. But my mom was always at alert when it comes to that so at a certain age (i think 12 or so) I stopped accepting gifts, compliments and nice gestures from the ‘uncles’ till I eventually left the area.
Thanks to social media, I started reconnecting with childhood friends and uncles once again and at first it was harmless and I thought it was nice to still be remembered by these people. From social media, it moved to more personal spaces like BBM and Whatsapp and I thought “there is no harm”. Don’t get me wrong I’m not naive but I just never thought there was one.
Occasional hello and hi’s became when can we see, you escaped from me, your boyfriend is enjoying, the most popular one been “you’ve grown oh, or you are no longer that little girl oh”. Then the real intentions started flying out. One of them said “Let me have sex with you just once, since you were a kid that’s all I could think about whenever I saw you” huh! This is someone that used to come pick my brother and I for Basic Christian Community (BCC); I was born and raised a Catholic so that’s what we call our own “house fellowship”.
Gradually, they all told me to stop calling them uncle (I still did that after reconnecting) and just call them by their names besides ‘who uncle epp’. Some of them are married, some are not. I had a married one tell me ‘ he was close to raping me as a kid, but he wasn’t sure he could live with the guilt and as such, I should give myself willingly because he deserves some sort of compensation for not molesting me’. Can you imagine!
I know a lot of you will be thinking why not cuss them out and delete them, well I delete some, some I just ignore and others well, I know you can’t get to me so I just let you be and hope shame consumes you somehow.