I know it’s too early to wish you every a merry Christmas in advance but with all that is going on this country we had better be celebrating or looking forward to the next best thing that might happen to any one of us which is the Christmas holiday. Some people might not be looking forward to this season due to one reason or another but I sincerely hope we all are.

I really had to get this (creating a blog) out of the way before the year runs out so I hope you guys like it. It’s a blog about the average Nigerian girl who has reached the benchmarked age of 25 and is yet to get married, probably doesn’t have a serious relationship yet. The pressure from family and friends and that annoying rhetorical question “when are you going to settle down?” isn’t only God that can answer futuristic questions? I mean what makes you think we are not settled or what makes you think getting married will help us settle down?

These are some of the issues I will be writing about on this blog and my personal experience as a 25-year-old unmarried Yoruba girl and NO! that’s not me up there.