25 & Unmarried

Being 25 and Single in a Nigerian Home

Sad & Depressed But Don’t Know Why

I know I've written in a really long while, well that's because nothing has been happening or rather nothing worth writing about. I'm still single, chubby and broke (just kidding or maybe not). It’s so freaking hard out here, so... Continue Reading →


Your Money or Your Life?

There are a lot of things I’m yet to understand, like the reason people do the things they do. People make decisions at the drop of a hat, not thinking through the consequences and implications of their actions; especially one... Continue Reading →

It’s Time To Move On

Arrrrrrghhh... Not even sure where to begin this particular post but I’m just going to start it anyway. I’m so pissed, angry and frustrated with Nigerians. Thou shall not steal isn’t it written in both Quran and bible? Even if... Continue Reading →

To Reach Out Or Not

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve learned a lot. I mean, a whole lot more than I prepared for. First of it is to never finish spending your December salary in December. I must say, this January has been... Continue Reading →

Oliver Twist

Have you ever wanted something so bad that, it’s the only thing that occupies your mind? You are constantly googling its features, imagining how cool and happy you’ll feel when you get it or the things you'll do with it.... Continue Reading →

Falling in love with Mr. Wrong

Sometimes it’s hard to draw the line between being insanely attracted to someone and being in love with that person. For me love is a very confusing sickness or feeling, it’s really hard to say what exactly the symptoms are... Continue Reading →


Insecurity is "uncertainty or anxiety about yourself or simply put the lack of confidence." I can only speak for myself not everyone else, but this is a battle I am constantly fighting. Sometimes I'm so insecure that I start to... Continue Reading →

Uncle Martins Turns Martins (Agbaya Uncles)

Growing up was fun for me and my siblings, I mean we were not rich but we were not poor either and we were surrounded by neighbors, friends and church members. My mom is quite a fashionista so she bought... Continue Reading →

The Side Chick Syndrome

This is basically unavoidable at the age of our lives, some people just come out straight to tell you what your position will be in his life. If you are a JJC let me tell you who a side chick... Continue Reading →

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